We have built our services addressing the needs of the customers we serve



The fiduciary is a person that is trained and accredited, in return for remuneration, agreed to take over for a while, the name and on his behalf, by a convention, movable, immovable, rights instruments, securities or other property rights or assembly of such rights, present and future, and that they perform (manage) with a specific purpose for the benefit of one or more persons (natural or legal) and they will transfer the ownership of the latter or the back of which he handed the original.

We have built our services addressing the needs of the customers we serve. Our services are customized and complex.

The main purpose is to ensure the protection and management of goods through fiduciary contracts. We offer a wide range of complementary services which support the main platform, and include the opening and managing of Escrow deposits and special mandate activities.

We are well recognized in the niche of fiduciary services. Since 2001 we have developed comprehensive expertise by engaging in a variety of cases for both companies and individuals.

Through our professional partnership agreements with a variety of specialists - accountants and technical experts, bailiffs, notaries, translators and interpreters, we focus the best resources to achieve the business objectives of our customers.

In addition, due to external partnerships, the secure and lasting solutions we have for protecting assets may include variations of extraneous character.

Through the fiduciary as a legal operation, real benefits can be obtained, such as:

• Confidential conservation and protection of heritage, for a prolonged period of time while benefitting from the flexibility and control needed.
• Family protection, protection of assets and wealth, regardless of political uncertainty, social, economic or personal.
• Protection, conservation and management of present and future assets of a vulnerable person or that lacks discernment in order for them not to be subject to abuse, neglect and exploitation.
• Maintenance of business and family confidentiality during live and after.

Considering the situations described above, and the connections that are created, it must be know that when you need a fiduciary it is most important to choose one that you can maintain a long-term relationship with based on trust. We firmly believe that we will solidify your choice.