Fiduciary Services in Romania


Your Legal Protection


We are a team of lawyers with extensive experience in fiduciary services. We support the shareholders, associates, businesses and individuals to protect and administer their property. Our services are legal and complex: from the establishment of a new holding or a new company ready to operate with management and administration or any other appropriate department, including operational headquarters, to represent clients as partners in strategic issues related to business development and property holding companies in Romania or abroad.

We offer financial protection in various transactions by opening and managing Escrow accounts. Distinguished attention is offered to our customers and individuals regarding the protection and management of assets, including those arising from bequests. Wide range of services that we offer are specially designed for relationships with financial institutions in the banking, securities, insurance and investment management community. We help you with the problems you face in business, to successfully overcome changes and define your future plans to seize the opportunities you desire and meet strategic objectives.


We have built our services addressing the needs of the customers we serve. Our services are customized and complex. We offer a wide range of complementary services which support the main platform, and include the opening and managing of Escrow deposits and special mandate activities.